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Online Building Plastics are Nuneaton Leading supplier of UPVC windows, with the most up to date modern UPVC window on the market Online Building Plastics Nuneaton offers you the best in Energy efficient UPVC Windows. Our 6 Chambered energy plus PVC window as standard will offer you U values as an A++ Window the best on the market.

UPVC Windows Nuneaton
Online Building Plastics offer Nuneaton Windows - Liniar’s EnergyPlus range – unbeatable thermal efficiency

The standard Liniar window profile already offers high thermal efficiency – but Liniar’s six-chambered EnergyPlus profile offers unparalleled results and enables cost efficient double glazing to be used, achieving similar U-values and energy ratings to more expensive triple glazed windows with other systems.

Designed to optimise thermal performance without the need for costly thermal inserts, Liniar EnergyPlus is an integral part of the 100% lead free Liniar system, interchangeable with all existing profiles and fully compatible with existing accessories and hardware.

Simulations show that Liniar EnergyPlus can achieve a window energy rating of A++ with ease. It can also achieve an ‘A’ rating with normal float glass on the outer pane rather than the more expensive low-iron glass required with other systems.

Liniar’s EnergyPlus is a superb range of products, benefitting from being the most thermally efficient products of their type on the market.UPVC Windows Nuneaton Warwickshire


Liniar’s top of the range EnergyPlus profile has additional chambers to prevent cold air from the outside transferring into your warm home.

The uniquely designed six-chambered EnergyPlus system not only prevents the transfer of cold air from outside to in, it outperforms the highest energy performance standards currently in existence.

Liniar broke new ground with its innovative window system that’s more thermally efficient than other aging systems, one that helps fabricators achieve WERs without compromising security.

Liniar has also pioneered several other fabricator-friendly innovations to improve productivity and help customers make, install and sell more effectively – see our fabricator page for more details.

Making an impact

EnergyPlus windows and doors have made a real impact in keeping energy usage and costs down, which means they are already environmentally friendly products, but add in the fact that the uPVC is entirely lead free in its composition, and that all other elements are designed to be easily recycled at the end of their lifetime, you can rest assured that when you choose EnergyPlus windows and doors, you are choosing truly environmentally friendly products.

Liniar’s revolutionary multi-chambered EnergyPlus profile offers superior heat insulation as well as structural rigidity. Highly durable, the Liniar profile is low maintenance and built to last.